About POPPY + SAGE Bags

Each POPPY + SAGE rattan bag is thoughtfully designed, and sustainably and ethically made. We collaborate with Bali’s most skilled artisans by providing them with sustainable job opportunities.
Weaving these bags empowers women to maintain an independent lifestyle, while creating beautiful and authentic handmade bags. These incredible artisans are able to contribute to their families and villages, and sustain their own independence with a steady income. 
Thank you for joining us in support!


About Us

We have been fortunate to be able to adventure through many countries abroad, exploring villages, engaging with locals, and cherishing native cultures.

Knowing we wanted to start and grow our own business together, on a recent trip to Bali, Indonesia in May 2017, we met amazing local people in a village northeast of Ubud, who wove beautiful, natural, rattan handbags.  We were so taken with the bags, the beauty of the local spirits, and the overall process of creating the bags, we knew we must share these treasures - and other unique finds from our travels - with our friends all over the world!